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EPS SafeTrack enables warehouse forklift - pedestrian safety solution.

EPS-enabled position tracking of forklifts and pedestrians throughout a busy warehouse enables this safety assistance solution with detailed coverage. The accuracy of the positioning system helps avoid false alarms and enables increased operational efficiency.



The EPSTM SafeTrackTM solution is used to install a Collision Warning System at a busy Dstribution Centre.

Every Forklift truck and pedestrian on the site is accurately located and when 2 forklifts or a pedestrian and a forklift are at risk of colliding, a visual and audible alarm triggers the forklift drivers to slowdown and be vigilant. The system also controls the traffic lights where pedestrians cross and warning lights to identify whether someone is in an aisle. Knowing the whereabouts of people also allows to better analyze safety risks and adapt the site to be even more Safe!