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SafeTrack: Forklift Collision Warning triggers Speed Limiter

Forklift and Pedestrian collision warning installation triggers speed limiter device to automatically slow down vehicle when danger situation is detected.


SafeTrack: Forklift and Pedestrian Collision Warning System

Warehouse Safety installation at a busy Distribution Centre.


10minDemo90x16010 Minute Install

Demonstration showing RTLS installation completed and running in under 10 minutes.


Smart Handling

Flanders Institute for Logistics (VIL) tests EPSTM RTLS solution for tracking the positions of heavy machine assets in an outdoor storage yard, with very positive results.


Karting VideoKart Maneuvers

Accurate tracking gives insight into overtaking moves, while the long range of operation allows the race track area to be covered with a minimum of infrastructure and without requiring expensive cabling solutions.

Asset and People Tag

See demonstration of Essensium's miniature RTLS tags providing position detection with sub-meter accuracy. Enabled by dedicated SOC (System On Chip) microchip development.


Virtual Tagging for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

See how accurate tracking of forklift positions and movements can enable the tracking of pallet movements and stock tracking with a WMS or ERP integration.

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