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GrootJebbink BV announces inclusion of Essensium's SafeTrack in Sylogi, the GrootJebbink product for fleet management and damage prevention.

GrootJebbink BV, a Benelux specialist provider in the area of safety and control systems for factory vehicles, announce plans to bring Essensium's SafeTrack solution to market as part of their Sylogi solution for fleet management and damage prevention.    
"We see the SafeTrack solution from Essensium as a high-end system for simultaneous position tracking of vehicles and people, both indoor and outdoor", explains Eric Groot Jebbink, founder and director, "SafeTrack allows us to offer solutions to our clients which previously were not possible for us".

More details (PDF document) are available at this link..

Essensium launches SafeTrack, the world’s most advanced collision warning solution for the logistics market.

With SafeTrack, Essensium delivers the world’s most advanced collision warning solution that will help prevent and eliminate much of the countless accidents that occur in logistics warehouses. SafeTrack is based on the accurate 2D position information that is provided by Essensium’s patented EPS (Essensium Positioning Solution) technology.
Essensium has installed SafeTrack at the warehouses of LOGIS in Opglabbeek, a training center for the logistics market in the Benelux. LOGIS has been working with Essensium to help develop the solution. Gery Daniels , LOGIS Mannaging. Director comments : “Essensium has been using our training center extensively to test and optimize the SafeTrack solution. Now that it becomes available, we are very pleased with the final result. The system has been installed on some of our equipment and interested companies are welcome to come and check it out.
More details (PDF document) are available at this link.

PHI DATA and Essensium in partnership for the marketing of EPS, the high-accuracy RTLS.

PHI DATA nv, a company which specialises in automatic identification, data capture and location, announced signing of a formal partnerhip with Essensium.

"We explored what was on the market, and were impressed by the Essensium system. Their technology complements our existing capabilities within the application field of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)", explains Guy Couder, General Manager at PHI DATA.

More details are available on the PHI DATA website at this link.

Excellence in Safety at L'Oreal, using SafeTrack from Essensium.

DELES Matic, partner of Essensium NV, uses the SafeTrack solution to install a Traffic Collision Avoidance Assistance System based on the EPS Real Time Location System (RTLS) at L'Oréal Lainate site.
Every Forklift truck and pedestrian on the site is accurately located and when 2 forklifts or a pedestrian and a forklift are at risk of colliding, a visual and audible alarm triggers the forklift drivers to slowdown and be vigilant. The system also controls the traffic lights where pedestrians cross and warning lights to identify whether someone is in an aisle. Knowing the whereabouts of people also allows to better analyze safety risks and adapt the site to be even more Safe!
More details (PDF document) are available at this link.

Essensium Positioning System (EPSTM) technology and products.


Essensium announce the rebranding of their high performance Real Time Location System (RTLS) technology, now known as the Essensium Positioning System, or EPS.  
The performance, accuracy and robustness of the EPS technology, both indoors and outdoors, make it more relevant than GPS for site logistics tracking where it enables a number of product applications, including:
- SafeTrack: Collision Warning Systems for material handling equipment, vehicles and pedestrians.
- WareTrack: Forklift tracking in Warehouses enables pallet location tracking.
- YardTrack: CHE tracking in Container Terminals.

Live RTLS demo at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2013


  Essensium hosted a live demo of the LOST RTLS system at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe, held in London on 15 Oct 2013.

The lightweight Indoor Reference Nodes were a big success, with magnetic mounts attaching directly to the ceiling supports for a quick installation which highlighted the ease of use of this RTLS solution where no RF fingerprinting is required.

In the image here we see Stephen Dunphy explaining the system capabilities for warehouse forklift and personnel tracking.

LOST RTLS in double-bill feature at Flanders Institute for Logistics - Smart Handling event.


The Flanders Instituut for Logistics (VIL) has a mission "to improve the competitiveness of the companies in the logistics sector through the implementation of sustainable and innovative concepts and technologies."
On 26 Sept 2013 the Instituut hosted the Smart Handling event to publish the results of their recent investigation, where together with a consortium of 12 industry partners they had investigated and tested solutions for track and trace of local transport of goods indoors and outdoors.
Luc Pleysier of VIL presented the results of tests the consortium had performed using LOST technology to track outdoor asests at an Atlas Copco manufacturing site, with the conclusion that the RTLS technology allows reliable tracking of goods outdoors with sub-meter accuracy and sub-second response time.
In a second feature, Frank Meylaerts, Technical Driector of KM, discussed how they had performed test installations with competing WiFi based RTLS and passive RFID RTLS systems, before testing the LOST RTLS solution. Mr Meylaerts outlined the performance advantages (accuracy, robustness, ease of integration) which let to their decision to implement Essensium's LOST RTLS solution in order to track motor vehicles in their automobile testing centres.
The event agenda can be viewed here.

Open API supports integration with 3rd party software solutions.


Essensium announce the availability of the LOSTIF Open API for their deployment partners.
This easy to use, text based, interface allows deployment partners to write software solutions for their specific market applications which use the LOST high performance position tracking system from Essensium. The intuitive commands and simplified interface mean that new software solutions can be up and running in a minimum of time and effort.

See the EPS Product Page for more details.

The next generation BoomerangTM tag: New tracking device for people, goods or vehicles.

Essensium announce the successful deployment of their new RTLS system-on-chip tracking device.
With the size of a car key, a weight below 40grams, and extensive built in battery power, the BoomerangTM tag provides a variety of new different deployments.
The integrated radio design is based on Essensium´s patented technique for wide-over-narrowband, giving a unique combination of both high accuracy and long range RTLS performance. Previously proven in PCB-based deployments and larger tags, Essensium are proud to announce the availability of the integreted version of this same technology.

PDS deployment for BASF Container Handling at Antwerp Harbour.


BASF announces successful deployment of Essensium's LOSTTM based Position Detection System (PDS) as a Safety Assistance System helping in the protection of employees operating Container Handling Equipment (CHE) at their Antwerp facility.

Safety is productivity. The reduction of collision or near-miss incidents between handling equipment increases the safety of the work environment. And a safe workplace avoids downtime due to incidents and thus increases productivity." "With the extension project and this system in place," said Dirk Vanreusel, Head of BASF Rail & Terminal Services, "we have been able to increase our operational capacity by 30%, without sacrificing our key priority of employee safety."

The Case Study (pdf format) can be viewed at this link.

Greener and more efficient airplane handling at Brussels Airport thanks to 'smart logistics'


Ground handling company Flightcare Belgium, along with Imec spin-off Essensium from Leuven, Belgium, has implemented a unique solution for real-time status management and exact position determination of its motorized handling fleet at Brussels Airport.

The new technology provides important advantages for the airport and its stakeholders, including more efficient and environmentally-friendly aircraft handling and more accurate flight information for passengers. The project is part of the 'smart logistics' program managed by the Provincial Department of Development of Flemish Brabant (POM Vlaams-Brabant).

The report (pdf format) can be viewed at this link..

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