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SafeTrack providing Collision Warning for Forklifts and Pedestrians at l'Oreal.

Forklift - Pedestrian Collision Warning

DELES Matic, partner of Essensium NV, uses the SafeTrack solution to install a Traffic Collision Avoidance Assistance System based on the EPS Real Time Location System (RTLS) at L'Oréal Lainate site.
Every Forklift truck and pedestrian on the site is accurately located and when 2 forklifts or a pedestrian and a forklift are at risk of colliding, a visual and audible alarm triggers the forklift drivers to slowdown and be vigilant. The system also controls the traffic lights where pedestrians cross and warning lights to identify whether someone is in an aisle. Knowing the whereabouts of people also allows to better analyze safety risks and adapt the site to be even more Safe!
Generating an alert when there is another Forklift or a pedestrian 5m away is easy, but knowing that they are both in a different aisle, or when a bull bar is separating them, makes the difference

- Frederic Stubbe, CTO of Essensium

The Case Study (pdf format) can be viewed at this link.

PDS deployment for BASF Container Handling at Antwerp Harbour.

Barge Handler with Collision Avoidance

BASF announced successful deployment of Essensium's LOST-based Position Detection System (PDS) as a Safety Assistance System helping in the protection of employees operating Container Handling Equipment (CHE) at their Antwerp facility.
Safety is productivity. The reduction of collision or near-miss incidents between handling equipment increases the safety of the work environment. And a safe workplace avoids downtime due to incidents and thus increases productivity.
With the extension project and this system in place, we have been able to increase our operational capacity by 30%, without sacrificing our key priority of employee safety.

- Dirk Vanreusel, Head of BASF Rail & Terminal Services,

The Case Study (pdf format) can be viewed at this link.

Greener and more efficient airplane handling at Brussels Airport thanks to 'smart logistics'

Tracking Ground Support EquipmentGround handling company Flightcare Belgium, along with Imec spin-off Essensium from Leuven, Belgium, has implemented a unique solution for real-time status management and exact position determination of its motorized handling fleet at Brussels Airport.

The new technology provides important advantages for the airport and its stakeholders, including more efficient and environmentally-friendly aircraft handling and more accurate flight information for passengers. The project is part of the 'smart logistics' program managed by the Provincial Department of Development of Flemish Brabant (POM Vlaams-Brabant).

Essensium’s VTS technology allows us to optimize our fleet – the number and types of vehicles as well as their use. On top of that, we can guarantee our services thanks to the dynamic and accurate dispatching of our vehicles.

-Geert Oliebos, Director Purchase & Support Services at Flightcare

The report (pdf format) can be viewed at this link..

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