Bringing Visibility to Wireless Networks

VTS: Vehicle Tracking System for Airfield Operations

  • Bring Visibility to Airside Operations
  • Track Ground Support Equipment (GSE) position, movements and status.
  • Reliable operation across the airside, tracking vehicle positions on the apron and tarmac.
  • Extend position tracking indoors to baggage sorting areas, maintenance hangers and other locations.
  • Add person and asset tags for extended oprerational visibility


The EPSTM Vehicle Tracking System for Airfield Operations uses the Essensuim Positioning System (EPSTM) to provide a solution for reliably monitoring the position and status of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) across the operations area of the airfield. Aircraft handling movements can be detected and recorded, equipment utilisation can be optimised, fleet sizes minimised and fuel consumption reduced for a positive ROI. 

A key benefit of the EPSTM radio system is that the position tracking can be extended reliably into areas where GPS or other tracking systems do not succeed, such as underneath large aircraft, close to terminal buildings, or indoors.


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