Bringing Visibility to Wireless Networks

About Us


Essensium is a Belgian high tech company in full expansion, rooted in an R&D environment, with a unique expertise resulting in a revolutionary positioning product enabling accurate traceability of assets and people via our own wireless sensors. The company was founded in 2005 as a spinoff from the IMEC, and has focused on designing and developing products (Hardware and Software) for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Real Time Location Systems

Essensium offer a unique patented expertiese in Positioning Technology with a product range based on a single chip positioning solution which was developed inhouse for the EPSTM RTLS system. This solution is unique in combining high accuracy with long range of operation and an easy to install infrastructure. These benefits make it an industry leading product for asset and people tracking in multiple sectors from logistics to healthcare, whether indoors or outdoors, to improve operational efficiency, process visibility and safety and to lower the cost of operations.  (see more)

Mind - Embedded Software Service


Mind is Essensium's embedded software services division, which provides consultancy and services in the field of Linux and Open Source Software for Embedded systems. The consultants of Essensium – Mind have a strong expertise in Linux and Android, and more specifically in device drivers, BSPs, low-level software, networking and protocol stacks, multimedia frameworks and security. (see more)




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