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SafeTrack: Enabling Collision Warning Systems for vehicles and pedestrians

  • Increase safety and productivity.


  • Reduce downtime and avoid costs.


  • Possibilty to track both vehicles and personnel for added layers of security.


  • Hybrid solution with multiple layers of redundancy for fail-safe operation.

 Warehouse Safety Application Node 


Forklift Pedestrian Collision Avoidance

The SafeTrackTM Safety Assistance System uses Essensium's EPS system for a combination of vehicle position detection and inter-vehicle ranging to provide a multi-layer approach to collision avoidance with built-in redundancy. The site operator can specify ´Safe Operating Distances´ for different vehicles and different locations. An audible alarm and visual indicator inside the cabin warns the vehicle operators when they are violating the Safe Operating Distances. The system brings significant benefits in terms of staff safety and also increased productivity due to the ability to operate in more dense configurations.

The addition of Personnel Tags further increases the relevance of the solution, by warning the vehicle operators when a pedestrian is detected within or close to the vehicle's operating area.

Safety is productivity. The reduction of collision or near-miss incidents between handling equipment increases the safety of the work environment. And a safe workplace avoids downtime due to incidents and thus increases productivity.

Proven success in improving safety for Container Handling at Container Terminal and with Forklift and Personnel tracking in warehouse environments make this a very interesting solution.

For more information, see the related Case Study at BASF and the Warehouse Safety Application Note or a Video of the system in operation at a Distribution Centre.


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