Bringing Visibility to Wireless Networks


Ahead of the field - the only Real Time Location System (RTLS) which can provide that combination of both Long Range and High Accuracy for an attractive Cost versus Performance point.

EPSTM is an industry leading solution for asset and people tracking, with applications in multiple sectors. The system uses radio tags which can be localised extremely accurately with limited infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, process visibility and to lower the cost of operations.

Tracking of Race Karts

Click on the image, for a video showing how the performance of Essensium's EPSTM RTLS system allows to track a fleet of racing karts during competition practice.

Tracking Pallet Movements

Tracking Pallet Movements

Click on the image, for a video showing how accurate tracking of forklift positions and movements can enable the tracking of pallet movements and stock tracking with a WMS or ERP integration.


Collision Warning Systems

Forklift Collision Warning

Click on the image, for more information regarding how high performance tracking of forklifts and other MHE, together with personnel and visitors, enables revolutionary solutions for Collision Warning Systems, enhancing safety and improving productivity.