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LOST at VIL Smart Handling event. 


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Open API available for LOST systems. 


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Sport: High speed tracking of kart racing event.


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Healthcare: Demonstration of Patient Tracking application.


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Boomerang tag available for asset and people tracking.


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PDS deployment for Container Handling at Antwerp Port.


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Greener, efficient aircraft handling at Brussels Airport.


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Bringing Visiblity to Container Terminal Operations.
The LOSTTM-enabled Position Detection System enables accurate and reliable tracking of Container Handling Equipment (CHE) position and movement, even in the difficult environment of a Container Terminal.

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Bringing Visibility to People and Asset Tracking.

Miniaturised tags allow the positions of assets and personnel to be tracked with high accuracy and at long range.

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Bringing Visiblity to
Airside Operations.

The LOSTTM-enabled Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) enables accurate and reliable tracking of Ground Support Equipment (GSE), even in the challanging environment of an Airfield.

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Bringing Visiblity for
Safety Assistance Systems.

The LOSTTM position detection system performance in industrial environments has enabled Safety Assiatance Systems to help avoid collisions between plant machinary.

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Ahead of the field - the only Real Time Location System (RTLS) which can provide that combination of both Long Range and High Accuracy for an attractive Cost versus Performance point.

LOSTTM is an industry leading solution for asset and people tracking, with applications in multiple sectors. The system uses radio tags which can be localised extremely accurately with limited infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, process visibility and to lower the cost of operations.




  • RF based position detection.
  • Sub-meter accuracy.
  • 500m range.
  • Patented radio technique.
  • Robust against interference.
  • Plug-and-play installation.

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Case Studies